The Healing Power of Past Life Memories

This world we live in is a beautiful place. However, there is also immense pain and suffering in this world. At a collective level there are problems like conflicts between nations, climate change, exploitation of nature and depletion of forests. At a personal level, there a so many people looking for relief from physical illnesses, mental illnesses, depression, relationship problems, financial insecurity, not able to find meaning and higher purpose in life. The collective tragedy of this world is a reflection of personal tragedy and inner conflict. When we look into our lives deeply and bring a change from within, we are making a step in the direction of realizing paradise on earth.

What we are today is a sum of all the past. Our mind is a store house of all the memories. The memory of playing with friends in the neighborhood as a kid, the memory of resting in mother’s lap feeling safe and secured, the memory of the warmth inside the mother’s womb as a fetus are all stored in the subconscious mind. We do not recollect these subconscious memories during day to day activities. However, they seem to determine what kind of reactions we have in our everyday experience. A person storing lot of rejection in childhood, will experience a sense of rejection in all relationships. A person storing lot of guilt from past, will experience self-destructive pattern in his/her behavior.

In a way, most of responses to situations are unconscious reliving of the past. This is the real cause of the problems we face in this life. A problem indicates unconscious replay of the past. Happiness or joy cannot be found by holding on to the past experiences. True happiness lies in this moment. When we let go of the influence of the past, we are free to experience happiness here and now. For e.g a person having irrational fears of closed places or claustrophobia might be carrying a past life fear from dying in a closed chamber. Similarly, a person having speech difficulties might be carrying a past life trauma of being punished to death for speaking truth. A person having a repeating pattern of failing in relationships due to lack of trust, might be carrying a past life residual memory where he or she was betrayed. When a problem is repeating as a pattern in this life, one needs to investigate the deeper roots in the past life memories.

By remembering the root cause past life memory and re-experiencing the emotions, a chance is given to the unhealed emotions to heal. The deeply buried subconscious memories are brought to the surface of the mind. Anything brought to the conscious mind is healed. Seeing is the ending – when one sees clearly how the past is creating the present, one will be able to end the influence of the past. The unconscious reliving of a past pattern or emotion will end and one can consciously choose what they want to experience.

A person whose is obese, living with low self worth and self esteem without any urge for life, uncovered a past life memory in regression session. In the past life she died in a concentration camp inside a gas chamber inhaling poisonous gases. She was enslaved and tortured to death. This memory created a dying thought: I am a victim, this world is unsafe. The inner victim in her is the one who is feeling low self worth and low self esteem along with depressing emotions. When she uncovered this past memory and relived it, she gave a chance to embrace and let go of the unhealed part which is feeling as a victim. After the session she started feeling worthy, improved her confidence levels, shed lot of weight and started performing well in studies.

A lady having problematic and abusive husband, when regressed saw a past life memory where she was raped by a bunch of men forcibly. She relived and experienced the painful emotions of the abuse. It was a great relief after letting go of the victimhood she has been carrying across life times. She felt empowered knowing the reason for her husband dominating her. She is simply replaying the past pattern of being abused by men. After the session her relationship was restored with love and mutual respect. She started enjoying a wonderful life with her husband.

Relationships are often mirrors showing us our shadow or dark side. When we embrace our dark side, with awareness and understanding we move from darkness to light. The relationships undergo a tremendous shift when the underlying dark emotion is transformed.

A child with learning and speech difficulties was regressed through her mother. The mother connected to the past life memory of the child, where he was a minister in a court. The king sentenced him to death believing in the false charges laid against him. He was a very loyal minister and he was shocked by the decision of King. Feeling betrayed he didn’t want to speak a word and went through the death sentence. His dying thought was: There is no use being loyal. This world is unsafe. I will not speak the truth. His inability to speak the truth and stand for himself in the past life continued in this life as speech problem and learning difficulties. During the regression into soul memories, it was revealed the child has chosen Autism as a defensive measure in the unsafe world. After releasing the past life trauma, the soul realized it is better to stand for one self and utter truth. It doesn’t matter whether king will be convinced or not, he wants to stand for himself. The soul made new choice to speak in the present life. After the session the child’s relationship with younger sister and dad greatly improved, which was not there before. He started making conscious effort to learn words and express feelings which was a remarkable change for a child with Autism.

The real secret of reincarnation is its provision for learning and growth. Soul evolves through experiences. Using regression therapy, one can tap into this possibility of learning from the past, letting go of the past and making a shift in the present life.

Every problem in life presents an opportunity to embrace the unhealed past and learn from it. Past is a wise teacher. We need not be a victim to the past, repeating the pain and suffering in our life. Each of us possess the potential to heal our lives and discover happiness, joy and peace. Our past lives are not in a distant dimension or thousand years far. They are right here in this moment creating our present and shaping our future unconsciously. Let’s take the courage to embrace the past consciously, uncover the potential for healing and shift our lives.