The Art of Embracing the Past - Into Light from Darkness

The collective past of humanity is full of oppression, violence, killing each other and domination of the weak by the powerful. The trauma around the violent memories of the past will be alive in the collective unconscious of the humanity. At an individual level we inherit the feelings, emotions and beliefs from the past memories. Our physical body is one of the many layers of bodies we possess. The physical body is gross and it is possible to touch and feel the physical body. The other bodies are subtle and cannot be seen or touched. The ethereal or energy body and the mental or astral body stores all of the past memories. After death we continue our journey through the subtle bodies into non-physical dimensions. We reincarnate and acquire a new physical body just like how we remove old clothes and wear new or fresh ones. We came into this life with all the impressions from our past lives in our subtle bodies. The subtle bodies doesn’t exist in isolation with physical body. They are highly intertwined with the physical body just like how water permeates a sponge dipped into it, making it heavy. Our memories from the past lives are infused into our body cells in the physical organs, effecting them. This is also referred as cellular memory. The cellular function is determined by the chemical activity which inturn depends on the emotional charges in the cellular memory stored from the past.

Soul holds on to the past memories because of ignorance. When a person dies, he or she goes through the trauma of separation from the physical body. Unless one is aware of the dying process and can see themselves as separate from the body that is left behind, one continues to identify himself or herself with the memories, especially the traumatic ones, of the lifetime they just finished.

The samskaras or karmic units from the past life determine our personality traits, inclinations, passions, beliefs and disbeliefs. We create a core belief in this life time based on the past samskaras. Some examples of core beliefs are : I am not worthy, I am unloved, I do not deserve, The world is not safe, I cannot trust, I do not belong here, I am a victim. A core belief is created out of the past life samskaras and becomes our guiding principle or a personal law for this life. Our entire life is built on this guiding principle. For e.g a person feeling I am not worthy suffers his/her whole life with low self esteem and never attracts abundance or love. A person feeling “I do not belong here”, will live on this earth like an alien, not able to enjoy the earth life and often pushes himself or herself into depression and alienation from others. A person feeling ‘I am a victim’, attracts people in relationships who are abusive. A person feeling, ‘I am not loved enough’, will not be able to receive love from others and suffers with unknown pain and sadness in heart leading to substance abuse and addictions.

By embracing the past we heal the past. When we discover the past, we simply have to hold the past, like a mother holding her new born baby with awe, wonder and love. Then we dissolve the past samskaras, the karmic charges associated with the past memories. The following principles help us deeply look into the past and transform our lives in the present :

1. Embracing the unknown: By venturing into the unknown territory of the sub-conscious we can tap into the deeper emotions and karmic residues. By expanding our awareness and using simple meditation practice one will be able to open the sub-conscious and dwell into what is there deep within us and how we feel about our self.

2. Holding our dark side without judgements: The fear, anger, grief, hatred, guilt, shame and all the dark emotions are real and they need to be acknowledged and accepted as they are. Being judgmental about our dark side, we label them as good or bad or ugly and we resist the bad and ugly. By dropping the judgements we can embrace whatever is there within us. The dark side helps us to move into light.

3. Past is a wise teacher: Soul evolves through the lessons learnt. Earth is a school where we learn different lessons at different stages of Soul’s evolution. And past is a wise teacher reminding us about the lessons of love, forgiveness, self-worth and gratitude.

4. Experiencing the Eternal Soul : By tapping into the core emotions and beliefs rooted in the karmic residues from the past, one will be able to touch the true essence of our being. It is the state of Oneness, the experience of Source from which everything originates. Soul can be experienced through one its qualities : Truth, Existence and Bliss. It reveals us what is true and dispels the false. It is the primordial force or life force which creates everything. It is the source of Eternal joy and happiness.

5. Realizing our True Nature: The experience of Soul reveals our true nature, which is our unique essence or fragrance or unique gift to the world. Our true nature is something always existing. We can be truly happy when we align our life in accordance with our True Nature.

6. Living the Wisdom - Moving to Light: The understanding of who we are and what is our essence, should help us lead a happy life. It helps us transform our life into one that is based on love, gratitude and forgiveness. Wisdom from the Soul, helps us realize the eternal truths of compassion and love in our relationships, in our work, in our day to day activities. This is real spiritual awakening. It is the doorway to light and healing.

The journey of knowing who we are starts from dwelling into the deeper mind, then embracing the dark side, touching the Soul and finally living the wisdom of the Soul in this physical plane, here and now. This is the journey of the Soul and one can really speed up the learning process in this journey by knowing the past and letting it go.