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The Healing Power of Past Life Memories

This world we live in is a beautiful place. However, there is also immense pain and suffering in this world. At a collective level there are problems like conflicts between nations, climate change, exploitation of nature and depletion of forests. At a personal level, there a so many people looking for relief from physical illnesses, mental illnesses, depression, relationship problems, […]

Law of Karma - The Science of Knowing Who We Are

Law of Karma is a spiritual principle that says, for every effect there is a cause. This is a fundamental governing principle in the universe. According to the Hindu scriptures, the karma is of three types. The categorization is based on the different modes of manifestation of the effect.

1. Instant effect (prarabda)

2. Accumulating from the past (sanchitta)

3. Accumulating into the future(agami)

When the cause and effect are simultaneous it is referred as prarabda karma. Which means […]

The Art of Embracing the Past - Into Light from Darkness

The collective past of humanity is full of oppression, violence, killing each other and domination of the weak by the powerful. The trauma around the violent memories of the past will be alive in the collective unconscious of the humanity. At an individual level we inherit the feelings, emotions and beliefs from the past memories. Our physical body […]