My name is Ravi Gaddam. The first day I remembered , I met my therapist Kiran Anumalasetty. He is the first person in my life , whom I shared without any hesitations. I expressed all the things which I was not able share with anyone including my wife for years together. He listened to me with complete attention and consoled me with great compassion. That made me to feel, contended. He asked me to sit comfortably and close eyes. The first time I felt secured to share anything I wanted to. I went into deep memories of childhood where I was sexually abused and molested by many of elders and was continued even in teenage. After the first session, I felt so relaxed, its  like releasing the great burden which I carried for years together. Kiran made me understand that until and unless I love myself, I cant love anyone else.
 Earlier I used to get severe ache in my right shoulder , when I felt guilty. I knew it was incurable with any medicine since it was not in my body. After the sessions , I was relieved from that pain which I suffered almost 20 years.
 Earlier I was unstable since I was not expressive. Once I started expressing there is no question of escaping from the situation. I learnt to accept myself as I am and as I was. That made to improve my relationship with my wife. Even she went through several PLR sessions with Kiran Anumalasetty. She learnt how not to interfere. Earlier I was so rigid to change and accept the new. Now I am flexible and that  reflected immediately in financial improvement.   I would like to thank again Kiran Anumalasetty and Life Research Academy who facilitated the platform.

Ravi Gaddam,

Personal development coach.

Kirans workshops are life changing experience. His simplicity and deep wisdom touches my heart. Every time I attend his workshop, I go through a shift. Not only me, the whole energy of his class shifts and I have seen many others getting benefited from his lectures.  He specializes in putting complicated things in a simple way. His presence itself is very healing.

 Kiran has also assisted me to heal my sexuality. I always had my comfort zone in his guidance which helped me to open my shameful and darkest corners. His counseling sessions are so profound that I felt he makes me touch my deepest wisdom. I could completely resolve my issue and come out of my problems becoming more wise and centered. He is the leading past life regression therapist of Life Research Academy.

 Personally I know Kiran as a close friend and a much evolved soul. He had helped me design my workshops. I see anyone walking up easily to him for any help and he is always there to help others.

 I wish Kiran all the very best from the core of my heart for his future endeavors and I highly recommend his workshops/sessions.

Aditya Dutta,

Counselor, Life Research Academy 

This is Lokanath Reddy. I know Kiran since 2012. His presence and energy touches everyone very deeply. Every time I see him, I connect to a very loving presence in him which brings me so much joy. He has been working in our team as a Soul Coach Trainer since 2012. His way of teaching is something different from other trainers. He always talks from his highest levels of compassion, that is why many people love to listen to his talks and love to connect and talk to him. As a project leader for Soul Coach Training Program I received countless feedbacks from hundreds of people about his talks which inspired them a lot. I feel proud to say that he is one of the best Soul Coach Trainers in our team from Quantum Life University. His gracious presence brings light in many peoples hearts. I myself feel so loving, compassionate energy in him every time I see and talk to him. In our Academy, after Dr. Newton if I have to say about another person who has highest levels of compassion...he is none other than Kiran Anumalasetty. I am writing these words from my heart after seeing him from many years and also after receiving many feedbacks about his teachings.  Kiran is a balanced person who inspires all our team members to live a balanced life. Though he is working as a senior software engineer, he takes classes to inspire people by teaching spirituality and through Life enhancement trainings and he is also a Past Life Regression Therapist at Life Research Academy. Everyone is going through a great shift, and transformation in their lives after taking one to one past life regression sessions from Kiran. I feel he always carries the embodiment of Christ compassion in him. I am lucky to meet him in this life time and feel happy to work with him. Thank you!


Lokanath Reddy,

Public Speaker, Writer, Meditation and Yoga Teacher,
Project Leader for Soul Coach Training Program at Quantum Life University,
Past Life Regression and Inner child facilitator at Life Research Academy,
Corporate Trainer at Air India, TUI and TESCO 

Kiran is one of the most humble and compassionate teacher I have ever found. At such a young age, having so much deep wisdom with humbleness is very rare to see in the world. Having been a friend and student of one of such amazing person is really a blessing. His teachings are so easily understood by a person of any age group. Every word he speaks comes from the depth of his being. Such a depth that it directly touches the heart of anyone who is listening. It is not the words that touch a person, it is the state of being they are in. From that state of being, one can sense that it is not the person who is speaking but is the Soul that is speaking. I love especially the topics about pregnancy, pre-birth communication, balancing the masculine and feminine energies. Of course any topic that he takes up becomes my favorite topic. He does not complicate things. Even the most difficult topics are simplified and taught by him. So it feels so light, deep and wonderful by the end of his talk. Thanks to everyone who helped me meet this master. We learn a lot from every small interaction with him. Thank you!

Harika Suri,