Life Foundation


A Three Day Workshop  On

“Core Transformation”


Kiran Anumalasetty

4,5 & 6 May 2018

Maitrea, Prague, Czech Republic

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For Registrations Contact: Anna Nandraziova , +420 602 386 900


Workshop Description:

It is possible to come out of our repeating patterns, limitations, illnesses and create a new future. The latest research on quantum physics, neuroscience and epigenetics are all pointing towards possibility. According to quantum physics, matter has both particle and wave nature. When we are with our wave nature, we enter the quantum field of all possibilities. By simply resting in this field, we become one with the loving intelligence that permeates the whole universe. We become a piece of that love and our mind becomes its mind. We then experience a shift in our state of being. We can choose a new possibility of health, wealth, loving relationship or a new job, from this new state of being. We return to wholeness and we feel less separation from the new future we want to create for ourselves.

The unconditional love, ecstatic joy, immense trust, gratitude and eternal bliss that we feel in this new state become new pathways of energy. These elevated emotions when combined with clear intent, we draw the future event towards us. Our body, when experiencing these elevated emotions, starts signaling new chemicals to restore homeostasis. Our brains literally change and become more coherent and whole. The transformation happens at various levels first at the energy level, then the state of being, emotions and thoughts, then at the cellular processes and neural networks in brain. These form the basis for experiencing and drawing a New Future towards our life.

A caterpillar transforms itself into a butterfly in a process of metamorphosis. The caterpillar enters a cocoon to cut off from the known environment so that it can enter the unknown. The discomfort and uneasiness when we let go of the past are not necessarily bad. They help us in crossing the river of unknown to reach the New Self. The workshop provides a safe and friendly environment to slow down the mind (alpha and delta states), enter the door of unknown as No body , No one in No time, to become pure consciousness.

Following is the workshop structure :

  •  The science of "change" - Explain using simple principles of neuroscience and quantum physics, how we can create a New Reality for ourself.
  •  Give practical tools for understanding our Old Self, Old patterns & Old Beliefs.
  •  Identify and Define New Self, Characteristics of New Self (how we feel and how we think being the New Self)
  •  The Buddhist "Open space" meditation to access the wave nature of matter.
  •  Guided meditation to awaken the Heart center, which is the bridge of polarities.
  •  Heart-Mind Coherence - A Process to Bridge Heart and Mind and creating inner harmony.
  •  Powerful Guided meditation to step out of the familiar three dimensional reality and walk through the "door of Unknown".
  •  "Resting in the Unknown" - Guided process to go beyond time and space and become pure consciousness
  •  Experiencing Love, Joy, Bliss, immense Trust, Gratitude and Surrender - moment by moment by moment.
  •  Combining Elevated Emotion with a Clear Intention to literally draw the future event into our life.
  •  Sustaining Transformation - Practical Wisdom and learning new habits: The Art of showing Gratitude, Deep Surrender, asking universe for small evidences to confirm what you are doing inwardly is really working outwardly.
  • Suggest Self - Work and guided meditation for 40 days after the workshop for effective results.
  • The workshop helps us to get in touch with our innate nature and the potential to change. Transformation is very much possible and we all can do it, Here and Now.