Life Foundation 


Two Day Workshop


Core Transformation


November 10 - 11, 2018


Location : Life Foundation, Road No 3, Banjara Hills, Hyderbad

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Cross the River of Change to meet a New Destiny


“To change is to think greater than how you feel” -Dr Joe Dispenza


Our thoughts create our reality. How we think and how we feel shapes our destiny. This is a widely acknowledged fact. However, the real stumbling block many people face is how to change our thoughts and feelings in a seemingly busy and chaotic world ? The workshop intends to address the following questions :

  • Why is change so difficult ?
  • What is limiting us from creating a life of our deepest desires ?
  • How to align our thoughts and feelings to create a new future ?
  • How to create changes in the physical body to restore health ?


This in-depth program is your opportunity to : 

§  Learn the Science of “Change”

§  Understand the stumbling blocks for personal growth, health, success and evolution

§  Heal illnesses, relationships, negative patterns, limiting emotions.

§  Undergo the process of change to discover a New Self and Create a New Future.


Learn and apply easy-to-use techniques to : 


§  Discover the qualities of your Old Self and how to overcome them.

§  Walk through the door of Unknown.

§  Come in contact with your Innate Intelligence.

§  Elevate the emotions of Love, Gratitude and Joy in your heart.

§  Create a highly coherent brain and heart.

§  Tune into the Future potentials in the Unified Field.


Workshop Structure :


Part 1 : Old Self

Science of “change” using principles of neuroscience and quantum physics

Process : Finding out the qualities of Old Self (what thoughts and feelings dominate your life)

Guided Meditation : Opening Focus and Resting deeply in the Present Moment

Part 2: Entering the Unknown

Unknown as the unified field of all possibilities.

Process : Practical tools to cultivate love for unknown

Guided Meditation : Entering the door of unknown as no body, no time, no one.

Part 3: New Self

Combining Elevated Emotions with Clear Intention.

New Self , New Future and Falling in Love with it.

Process : Changing the State of Being .

Guided Meditation : Tuning into New Future Potentials.

Practical wisdom to integrate the new state of being into daily life.

Recommendations for Self Work and Practice.