Life Foundation


A Three Day Workshop


How to Awaken your Gift of Intuition



Feb 22 - 24 , 2019


Maitrea , Prague, Czech Republic

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We are highly intuitive beings. When we allow our life to be guided by our intuition it becomes meaningful, effortless and authentic. We naturally become more in tune with our gifts and fall in love with life.

This is an in-depth workshop to guide you step by step into your Intuitive and Higher Self. When you access your Highest Self, it transforms your view of life. You will be able to gain clarity on the meaning and purpose of life. Also heal the past and recurring patterns.  

This workshop is your opportunity to :

  •  Understand where you are blocking your natural flow of intuition
  •  Open the energy centers that are door ways to the inner senses
  •  Access Higher Dimensions of love and wisdom
  •  Experience the opening of third eye and the intuitive self
  • Become centered and calm
  •  Return to the Heart and experience Inner Freedom here and now
  •  Activate subtle organs (pineal gland) to experience mystical dimensions.
  •  Bring the Wisdom from Higher Self into physical life.
  • Activate the Alchemical Energy of larynx. Transform your negatives into strengths.

During the workshop you will be able to learn and apply easy to use techniques to :

  • Activate your creative energy called Larynx energy.
  • Open third eye Energy Center in a gentle yet powerful way.
  • Learn the triple process of vision.
  • Clear energy and emotional blockages using third eye energy
  •  Tune into higher dimensional beings, angels, spirit guides
  • Be guided by friends from other worlds
  • Learn the art of conscious sleeping to make your sleep a profound healing and mystical experience.

When we fully use intuition and inner gifts, the response to life situations becomes natural and spontaneous. We become more centered and calmer, meditative in every action. We tend to be honest and wise in our relationships and stay deeply in touch with our spirit. Then it is not possible for us to go back to the old patterns and old ways of suffering. We start seeing life in an entirely new way. We live life naturally , go with the inner rhythm and stay in tune with our highest desires, purpose and meaning.