One day

Past Life Regression and Soul Science

Kiran Anumalasetty

29th April 2017
10 am to 7 pm

Location: Maitrea as Týnská street 6, Prague 1,
Czech Republic
Contact: Anna Nandráziová, 602386900

Often the present life issues like illnesses, relationship issues, financial problems, fears and phobias have their roots in the past. What we are now is a sum total of all our past. To heal our issues in the present we have to trace them to the roots in the past. Our present is an unconscious repetition of our past. Past Life Regression calls for a complete freedom from the past. It calls us to consciously live in the present and create a bright future.

This one day seminar is a step by step guide on how to go into the roots of the present life issues, access the memories of past lives and see how the deeply buried emotions from the past life memory are carried in our bodies in this life time. Seeing is the ending. When we truly see the connection between our present and past, we naturally let go of the past. But touching the past life memories we gain access to the aspect within us that is not bound by birth and death, which is Soul. Soul memories often reveal our life design and purpose and gives a big picture. By touching soul one becomes compassionate, deeply forgiving, loving, empowered, healed and full of gratitude for life. One becomes a lover of life and enjoys each and every moment deeply.

The seminar provides an overview and understanding of the following principles along with guided meditation to experience and touch the Soul within :

1. Law of Karma, Reincarnation science.
2. Significance of earth life – A bird’s eye view from the Soul.
3. Accessing the relevant past life memory.
4. Letting go of limiting emotions, beliefs from the past.
5. Accepting and embracing past as a wise teacher.
6. Touching the qualities of Soul - sowing seeds of wisdom, joy and happiness.
7. Bringing a conscious shift in the present life.