Two Day
Self-Experiential Workshop

“Past Life Regression and Soul Science”

Kiran Anumalasetty

30th April & 1st May 2017
9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Location: Maitrea, Prague, Czech Republic
Contact: Anna Nandráziová, 602386900


We are beings of infinite potential and our nature is essentially divine . We are all multi-dimensional beings and we constantly create the reality we live in. This workshop is an introduction into the science of knowing who we are and how we create our own reality. The workshop presents, using past life regression, how we can explore our past lives and soul memories to gain a bigger picture of who we are. The workshop aims at taking participants into the depths of their being and allow them to touch their Soul. By way of experiencing unconditional love, infinite potential and freedom as our true nature, we can say good bye to the self-limiting patterns and create a new reality which is aligned to our life purpose.


Facilitate tremendous healing through expanding our Consciousness beyond the physical body, beyond the emotional and mental plane into non-physical dimensions.

Access relevant Past Lives, heal the past life trauma and gain Bigger Picture of Soul’s journey.

Understand the Soul’s Design and Plan for the current life.

Realize our potential for Love, Peace and Harmony in our lives and manifest them now.

Key Principles:

* Consciousness, Wisdom, Energy – The Trinity of creation
* Soul Evolution and Stages
* The Science of Law of Karma and Reincarnation
* The Subtle Bodies and Karmic Imprints
* Accessing Past Life Memories and Healing the Karmic imprints
* Sowing seeds of Love, Joy and Peace
* Experiencing the Divine Spiritual Being within
* Transformation
* Conscious Creation of New Reality.

Curriculum and Approach:

This workshop will primarily be an experiential one. Though there is theory conveyed, it is done in between the experiential sessions in a simple, elegant and powerful way using principles, metaphors, stories and beautiful imagery. At the end of two days, the participants will be able to experience the principles of soul science and past life regression and internalize the essence of the teachings paving way to the individual transformation and experiencing joy and happiness here and now.

The following is the flow of the workshop that will take the participants into an exploration of the Soul:

• Experiencing our Heart Center and the connection with everyone else in the workshop. Separation is an illusion and we are all highly interconnected beings.
• Understanding the science of Love based creation and Conscious Creation.
• Process to identify the core issue in our life. Often the repeating patterns of fear, phobia, betrayal, loneliness, grief, failure etc are rooted in the core issue.
• Process : Journeying into Womb memory.
• Process: Journey into past life memory.
• Process : Reliving and letting go the deep emotions or trauma consciously.
• Process : Gaining Bigger Picture. Understanding how we are holding to the past and merely repeating the past.
• Process: Soul memories and Understanding the Life Design.
• Anchoring the Soul Experience : Eternal Love, Oneness, Joy, Peace, Divinity.
• Transformation: Seeing the world from the new insights. Creating ripples of change that will transform our world view into one that is harmonious and full of joy and happiness.
• The power of having Good Intentions for others, Selfless service and Compassionate heart.

About the Speaker:

Kiran Anumalasetty is a Certified Past Life Regression therapist, certified from Life Research Academy, Hyderabad, India. ( He is also an Inner child facilitator and Spiritual Counselor. He is trained by Dr Newton Kondaveti in past life regression and inner child healing. Out of deep spiritual quest and compassionate heart, he shares his insights and wisdom through his workshops and trainings. Kiran uses hands on meditation techniques and processes for the participants to experience the teachings and also suggests self-work to sustain the healing. His clients and workshop attendees report experiencing a deep shift within after attending his workshop or a one-to-one session. He is always willing to learn and live life moment by moment. He conducts regular one to one sessions at Life Research Academy, Hyderabad, India. He writes articles for Edge Magazine for Holistic Living, Eternal Life Times magazine. He is a member of the Indian Advisory Board, ARRR ( He is passionate about research into Past Lives and Reincarnation, especially the therapeutic and healing benefits of past life therapy. He presented his research work at several Past Life Regression Conventions- PLRC (2012, 2013, 2014, 2016) ( and the International Dreams Conference (2016). (